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Online Specials AnA Tire and Automotive

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$10 off Power Steering Flush

$10 off Power Steering Flush.

Present this coupon to front desk to redeem offer.

$49.95 Wheel Alignment Special

Your wheels perform best when they are lined up straight. But the common bumps, holes and swerves of driving can make tires go out of alignment. So can aging shocks or struts. When the wheels are even a little bit out of alignment - less than you might be able to see - tires wear out faster. Gas mileage goes down. Even your control and handling can be affected.

What it is: Wheel alignment (some people call it a tire alignment) should be checked when tires are rotated or installed, or as often as your owner's manual suggests. In addition, have it checked if:


  • You hit a curb or pothole, or are in a fender-bender
  • The car pulls to the left or right
  • Your steering wheel is not centered when wheels are pointing ahead
  • You notice your tires wearing unevenly


Benefits: A car with a good alignment can give you better gas mileage, tire wear and safety. Not sure whether you need an alignment? A free wheel alignment check at any of our stores can tell you.

Align your wheels often to improve steering, fuel mileage and tire wear. Our expert technicians have the right tools and knowledge for a perfect alignment every time. Whether you need a standard, SUV or light truck alignment.

Service: We use computer testing to make sure your tires are aligned just right.

$19.95 Standard Oil Change and Filter

  • Most vehicles.
  • Add $2.50 disposal fee.
  • Refill up to 5 quarts of multi-grade motor oil
  • Install new filter
  • Lubricate chassis (if applicable) Synthetic blends, Synthetic and Diesel oils extra.

$99.95 Fuel Injection Service

Increased Performance & Fuel Economy; helps with longevity of the engine

$10.00 Off Cooling System Service

  • Inspect Cooling, System and pressure, test for leaks
  • Flush System
  • Refill with correct amount of coolant - Antifreeze

$99.95 Brake Specials (per axle)

Basic front brakes or rear brakes replacement

Rotor resurfacing and ceramic brake pads extra.

Most vehicles.  Can not be combined with other offers or discounts.  Shop fees and tax extra.

10% Off Any Service over $100

Any Service over $100

$49.95 Brake Flush Special

$49.95 Brake Flush Special.

Present this coupon to front desk to redeem offer.